Kathy Bernstein, Numerologist

Frederick Douglass

My soul was stirred yesterday morning July 3, 2020, when I heard Frederick Douglass' Great, Great, Great, Great grand-children recite excerpts from Douglass' July 4, 1852, speech before an abolitionist group. Douglass was 34 years old when he gave his speech.

I immediately ran to my computer to get Douglass' birth-name and birth-date to run his numerology chart, wondering who is this man who spoke these words in such a troubled time in our US history. As the numbers displayed in front of me, I saw who this man was who spoke so clearly the Truth of those Times!

I was so moved by his clarity and the need for his words now in 2020 with the 4th of July upon us. I want you to view now the YouTube video (link below) of Douglass' Great, Great, Great grand-children reciting excerpts of that speech.

This is a link to the children's video: https://youtu.be/NBe5qbnkqoM

About Douglass' Tree of Life:

Check out Fredrick Douglass' numerology chart on the Tree of Life.

Douglass' birth-name was Frederick Augustus Washington Baily. In numerology we always look at the birth name in creating the numerology chart.

We will be looking at is his numerology chart on the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Let me begin with a very simple explanation of it.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life embodies ten energy essences that are in constant interplay, which underlie all of the Universe. These qualities are fundamental conditions that Life in this Universe finds itself in.

I believe the numbers zero through nine are these fundamental conditions of Life. When I put a person's numerology chart on the Tree of Life I use their core numbers that come from their birthday, name, vowels and consonants.

Basically what you see on the Tree of Life is the person's essential nature, strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and challenges. Notice on Douglass' Numerology chart on the Tree of life the number one has two colored circles, red and orange. This says that Douglass has the qualities of the number one, the pioneer; the one who hears the call of the new. The orange circle around the number one is asking, in his lifetime, to drop to a deeper understanding of the meaning of these qualities.

The number 7 in the middle of the Tree has three circles. Having a 7 in your numerology chart avails you of the ability to see the wider view, the bigger picture of Life. Seven stands in the middle of the forces of change, and sees the world as It IS. The blue circle says that this ability is also his lifetime challenge!

The number 8 is someone who can speak up, and make their mark. They have a strong urge to be in life A little aside: the number 7 and the number 8 are paired opposites. Their qualities arise together, 8 represents Power and 7 Discernment. As in his chart, when these numbers show up together the person has the inherent nature of Power and Discernment.

The number 9 signifies the humanitarian. Nine has the quality to be open, to receive and reflect what's here as it Is.

ALL his numbers except the number 1 are in the center column of the Tree of Life. The center column is about manifesting your longings and desires. Even from the grave Douglass' words are relevant in these troubled times.

Blessings to all!