Kathy Bernstein, Numerologist

2022 Numerology Classes

Discover your holographic nature through numbers

In 1957 I was 11 years old doing what 11-year-old kids did in those days, walking on the railroad tracks. I happened to look down and saw a tack on the railroad tie that was numbered 37.

In that moment I saw something that was indescribable. What I knew as an 11-year-old kid in that moment was that the world we live in was so much bigger than I had ever imagined. I also knew that it was the number 37 that revealed this unnameable magnificence.

In September of 2019 my life changed as I was again looking down at numbers. What I saw this time was the holographic nature of each one-digit number, 1 through 8. What was different this time was that I could name what I was seeing and how this is relevant for us all. This understanding has been unfolding in incremental pieces ever since in ways I could never have imagined.

I started looking at the holographic nature of an individual’s Personal Year in Numerology, based on the numbers of the month and day a person was born and the current year. This changed the Personal Year from a single number only to a series of numbers that allow for a greater wholeness to be revealed, that is, the hologram. The holographic nature of a number allows the nutrients that are possible to come forward, revealing something about the nature of reality. The holographic nature of a Personal Year also reveals what may challenge us, and the opportunity within this particular challenge that is asking to be met.

Another piece that revealed itself was the multitude of places in which the holographic nature of numbers shows up in a person’s numerology chart. This is seen in their core numbers and in the different cycles throughout their life.

In a hologram each piece contains the whole.

Dennis Gabor was a Hungarian-British electrical engineer and physicist, known for inventing holography for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971. According to Dr. Jerry Epstein, Gabor invented holography while conducting experiments in which he was trying to replicate the creation of the world.

Referring to Gabor’s discovery of the hologram, Epstein said,

"Any part of the system contains and reflects the wholeness of the system. That part that reflects the wholeness in spiritual terms is Us. We are born in the likeness of God. The part reflects the whole. The part contains the whole.”

As a numerologist I see this as the number 9.

What is it about the number 9 that opens the door to the holographic nature of numbers? When the number 9 is added to any one-digit number, the hologram appears, because the number 9 reflects what’s here. The number 9 is Malkhut on the Tree of Life.

The 2022 Classes

In 2022 I am offering zoom classes on the holographic nature of numbers. These classes have three parts. First, everyone will participate in the first class that will introduce the qualities of the number 9, and how 9 reveals the holographic nature of the particular Personal Year you are in. Second, participants who share the same Personal Year will be together in small groups for three classes. Third, each person will receive a private Numerology reading with me.

First Class: Sunday, January 16, 2022 from 6:00 – 7:30 New York time or EST.

I will go through the calculation that shows an example of how the number 9 reveals the holographic nature of a number, how that happens, and what it illuminates. Knowing and embodying the holographic nature of your Personal Year reveals something about your nature and Reality.

Second: the series of 3 small classes

Participants will be grouped by Personal Year, meeting 3 times between February and September for an in-depth exploration of the holographic nature of their Personal Year.

Dates & times for the three individual classes, grouped by Personal Year, will take into consideration participants’ locations and time zones.

Third: your Private Numerology Reading

In this reading we will look at how your Personal Year relates to your numerology chart.

All three segments are geared to help you blossom within the holographic nature of your Personal Year in 2022.

The fee will be $375 for the January class on the number 9, the series of 3 small classes, and your one-on-one Numerology reading with me.
Note: The class on 9 is a deeper dive than I have done in the past.
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